Children’s Speech and Language Therapy

We can offer advice and strategies to support parents,
carers, schools and other professionals in relation to a child or
young person’s communication needs or eating and drinking concerns.

The child or young person you are calling about must be:
Aged 0-18 years (or up to 19 only if in full time special school education)
Registered with a Birmingham GP or Birmingham School
Visit our webpage for useful advice, strategies and support:

Call: 0121 466 6231


Children's Speech and Language Therapy

For more information about Children's Speech and Language Therapy, click here

Speech, Language and Communication Videos

Click here for videos about speech, language, and communication needs to families

I CAN’s Talking Point

Talking Point helps parents who are concerned about their child’s development

Tiny Talk

Tiny Talk develop your child’s communication skills whilst you are having a great time together.

First Words Together

First Words Together helps parents support their babies' and toddlers' early communication and language development.

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