Children’s Centres

Our Children’s Centres are managed by Barnardo’sSpurgeonsSt. Paul’s Community Development Trust and The Springfield Project depending on which district of Birmingham they are located in.

Enquiries for Children’s Centre activities should be directed to the team at the appropriate centre. You can find contact details by searching our directory by postcode.

Alternatively, please download the list of Children’s Centres here:

Birmingham is divided into 10 districts. Each partner organisation oversees a specific district.


For more information about services, advice and events in your district, click on the links below taking you to their Facebook page:

Doddington Children’s Centre, 28 Doddington Grove, Birmingham, B32 4EL, 0121-477-6440

Castle Vale Children’s Centre, Yatesbury Avenue, Castle Vale, Birmingham, B35 6DU, 0121-752-1920

Featherstone Children’s Centre, 29 Highcroft Rd, Birmingham, B23 6AU, 0121-752-1870

Lakeside Children’s Centre, Lakes Rd, Birmingham, B23 7UH, 0121-752-1970

St. Paul’s Trust Children’s Centre, Malvern Street, 10 Malvern Street, Balsall Heath, B12 8NN, 0121-464-6349

St. Paul’s Trust Children’s Centre Braithwaite Road, 6 Braithwaite Rd, Birmingham, B11 1LB, 0121-675-1303

Springfield Children’s Centre, Springfield Road, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 9NY, 0121-777-2722

Anthony Road Children’s Centre, 80 Anthony Road, B8 3AA, 0121-752-1930

Dyson Gardens Children’s Centre, 145 Highfield Road, B8 3QF, 0121-752-1950

Kitts Green & Shard End Children’s Centre, 45 Ridpool Rd, Birmingham, B33 9RB, 0121-752-1280

Kitts Green & Shard End Children’s Centre at Tame Valley, Chillinghome Road, B’ham, B36 8QJ, 0121-752-1100

Bertram Children’s Centre, 6 Bertram Rd, Birmingham, B10 9QP, 0121-766-7774

Ladywood Children’s Centre, 9 Plough and Harrow Rd, Birmingham, B16 8UR, 0121-454-6633

Ladywood Children’s Centre at St Thomas St Thomas Centre, Bell Barn Road, B15 2AF, 0121-464-0002

Soho Children’s Centre, 21 Louise Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, B21 0RY, 0121-551-9020

Northfield Children’s Centre at Wychall, Staple Lodge Road, B31 3ER, 0121-433-4130

Northfield Children’s Centre at Frankley, 131 New Street, B45 0EU, 0121-453-3515

Lime Tree Aston Children’s Centre, Heathfield Rd, Birmingham, B19 1HJ, 0121-752-1900

Rookery Children’s Centre Rookery Sports & Arts Centre, Rookery Road, Birmingham, B21 9PW, 0121-752-1840

GBNFC Children’s Centre, 213 Trittiford Rd, Birmingham, B13 0ET, 0121-464-4189

Holland House Children’s Centre, Holland Road, Sutton Coldfield, B72 1RE, 0121-752-1860

Fox Hollies Children’s Centre, 419 Fox Hollies Rd, Birmingham, B27 7QA, 0121-702-2700

Map of Birmingham Districts