Community Breastfeeding Support

Birmingham Forward Steps Early Years Service (NHS Health Visiting and Children’s Centre Partners) support all families across Birmingham with children up to the age of 5 years.


We provide information during pregnancy and once baby is born you will have continued access to the groups for on-going support and encouragement to  breastfeed your baby for as long as you wish.   


So come along and meet other mothers, share experiences and support each other in a safe space.


Birmingham Babies Love to Breastfeed – so we look forward to seeing you at a group soon.

Download the Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme HERE

You can dowload this poster here

You can dowload this poster here

If you wish to access antenatal courses, breastfeeding groups, 1 to 1 breastfeeding support and more, please contact your local Children’s Centre.

Your local Health Visiting Team can also provide help with Breastfeeding, Safe & Responsive Bottle Feeding, Weaning, Speech, Sleep and much more.  

You can find your nearest Health Visiting team and Children’s Centre by using the postcode checker on our home page here:

Face to Face Breastfeeding Support is Available

at Birmingham Forward Steps Children’s Centres

Please see below for more information.

Download this poster here

When you are discharged from hospital and you are home with your baby you may have questions and need support to get baby attached effectively to ensure a successful breastfeed.

Birmingham Forward Steps Antenatal Infant Feeding Workers are available to support, motive and empower you along your breastfeeding journey from those vitally important early days and beyond.

All mothers are welcome to access support at home, via the Breastfeeding Lounges that run Monday to Friday either face-to-face and/or virtually across the city. All services are provided via the Children Centres so click on the link above to find your local centre.

At times some mothers and/or babies may face particular challenges and will require extra help with breastfeeding and maintaining lactation. The Infant Feeding Leads within the Maternity units provide ‘specialist’ support to meet those complex needs.

If you are still under Midwifery care contact your Midwife using the contact number you were provided on discharge from hospital. If your baby is over 14 days old, speak with your Health Visitor.

If you need to be seen by the Infant Feeding Lead a triage call will take place solutions offered over the phone in the first instance. In the event that you and baby need to be seen back at the hospital that will be arranged to ensure you get the support and help you need.

Maternity Unit details below:


  • Good Hope Hospital – Direct referral ONLY by Community Midwife or Health Visitor Monday afternoon specialist clinic


  • Heartlands Hospital – Direct referral ONLY by Community Midwife or Health Visitor for Monday afternoon specialist clinic


  • City Hospital – Infant Feeding Team Call 07816061633 to access services Mon-Thurs 07.30-17.00. Drop-in clinics, Telephone and Video support


  • Birmingham Womens – Antenatal Infant Feeding Workshop’s Wednesdays 6pm-8pm via Eventbrite. Support 07770542174 Mondays. 07788361515 Text Only 

National Breastfeeding Support services

The following can provide support and can help you find a peer supporter too.  

National Breastfeeding Helpline 0300 100 0212* available 9.30am to 9.30pm 365 days a year available in (English, Welsh and Polish) 




National Childbirth Trust Helpline 0300 330 0771* (Option 1 for Infant Feeding Line)



La Leche League 0345 120 2918*


The Breastfeeding Network supporter line in Bengali and Sylheti 0300 456 2421


Association of Breastfeeding Mothers: 0300 330 5453

Breastfeeding Peer Support Volunteers


Breastfeeding peer support is available across Birmingham, linking mothers who want to breastfeed with other local mothers within their local community,  who have breastfed their own baby and completed training to help them support others. Breastfeeding Peer Support Volunteers compliment the support offered by staff within Birmingham Forward Steps, to help mothers reach their feeding goals.

Breastfeeding Peer Support Volunteers provide evidence-based support, in line with the UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative standards.

If you are interested in becoming a breastfeeding peer support volunteer, please contact your local Children’s Centre and ask to speak with their ‘Volunteer Co-ordinator’.

Information provided by the Infant Feeding Team